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The Blockchain Simulation workshop for Financials

February 7, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Experience the new Blockchain Simulation workshop for Financials. Learn the basics of Blockchain by actually making one together!

About this Event

Joint his workshop to experience the Blockchain Simulation by Perquin Blockchain for Financials. This workshop is especially tailored for Finance Professionals like CFO’s, FD’s, Controllers and Accountants.

It is an interactive workshop of 3 hours in which Finance Professionals learn how Blockchain really works through a simulation. Number of participants is 6 to 10.

Register now and receicve a free copy of the book ‘Blockchain organising for Managers’ at the workshop.



For more information on the Blockchain Simulation see also www.blockchain-simulation.nl

The workshop is organised by Perquin Blockchain for Financials in cooperation with Finos BV.

See www.blockchainforfinancials.com


“I have read books about Blockchain and have followed Blockchain training, but you are the first to explain Blockchain well thanks to the Blockchain Simulation.”

About this event

The Blockchain Simulation is a 3 hour workshop in which finance professionals learn how Blockchain works through an interactive simulation. In addition, a clear overview is given of what the blockchain technology will have for an influence on organizations and companies, and real use cases will be demonstrated. There is also room for exchanges with finance colleagues from different organizations about the possibilities and the impact of blockchain.

Finance Managers who want to understand in a short time what the blockchain is and want to see concrete applications. It is also very suitable for people for whom interactive learning (learning by doing it) is the best and best method of learning.

The goal of this workshop is:

♣ Understand the basis behind the blockchain technology by building a simple blockchain with the group. Incidentally not on the computer but with pen and paper and an app.

♣ Learn how blockchain deals with privacy, reliability and data integrity

♣ Learn what blockchain is at the core and what the current and future possibilities are

♣ Be prepared for the arrival of blockchain based applications in organizations through a good understanding of the functioning and possibilities of Blockchain

♣ Connect with other finance exectives and managers who are interested in this theme and share ideas

This Blockchain Simulation can also be provided by Blockchainforfinancials as an in-house workshop at companies and organizations. In that case we organise a workshop of 3 to 4 hours in which we make the Simulation workshop dedicated for the needs of the organisation. ideal for managementteams who want to learn the basics of Blockchain in a very short timeframe and in an interactive, fun way.

Trainer: Jeroen Perquin, owner Perquin Blockchain Strategies / Blockchain for Financials

Jeroen Perquin is a very experienced Finance Executive and owner of Perquin Blockchain for Financials. He is engaged in providing Blockchain training, workshops, consultancy and consultancy assignments. He provides blockchain training courses to Financials for the Association of Register Controllers (VRC), Alex van Groningen and 3Masters.

The evaluation scores of the recently completed Blockchain Simulation workshops by Jeroen Perquin are between 85 and 90 (out of 100).


February 7, 2019
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Perquin Blockchain for Financials
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Huurdersvereniging “Caballero Fabriek”
60 Saturnusstraat Zaal 10, 2516 AH Den Haag
Den Haag, 2516 AH NL
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